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Aluminium Mesh Filters ( Side Locker)

$36.36$55.45 excl. GST

  • 3 layers construction
  • 9 mm thick
  • Custom sizes available



Product Description

GoldenHOOD filters are a special heavy duty filter with excellent fat and oil retention characteristics. The frames are made of 0.9 mm formed aluminum sheets pop riveted together.

The media within the filter including the top and bottom pieces of aluminum mesh are made from 3 sheets of expanded aluminum.

The filter quality is far superior than the filter that originally came with your range hood due to the quality of material we use and the efficient construction methods implemented.

We can supply aluminium grease filters or charcoal filters in any size up to one metre and 9mm thick.

Should you require any other sizes, please contact us.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 8 mm
Dimension (MM)

09x258x230, 09x290x240, 09x312x260, 09x316x280, 09x318x258, 09x318x270, 09x320x260, 09x332x235, 09x398x284, 09x490x202